This week has been a security beat down for me. The last full week here at Origin flew by in a blink of an eye and I feel like I have made very little progress with my Quack application. Authentication is taking me a lot longer than I had ever expected. After thinking I was […]

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Week 4 was a big week for us here at Origin Code Academy. We started working with Databases, learned about Object Relational Mapping such as Entity Framework, and even created our very own API. There was so much information thrown at us this week I definitely feel overwhelmed. We first started working with databases. Our […]

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Ya you know me! Much like the song by Naughty by Nature, I am down with Object Oriented Programming. That was a big concept we learned in week 2. To help explain OOP think of a class called a vehicle describe the minimum things that a vehicle is. For example, ask yourself what you think […]

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