Code School Graduation – It’s Time for a Party

It’s time for a party. Not only did I complete Origin Code Academy’s 12 week boot camp, I also managed to get oAuth 3rd party authentication working! It was a long hard-fought battle between oAuth but I have come out victorious! Unfortunately, oAuth took me so long to complete that I did not get the front end of my capstone project finished. I am close but there still is a few days worth of javascript to write.

We closed out the cohort with a short 3 day week. We were making up for the days we missed for thanksgiving. To be truly honest I wish this wasn’t ending. My experience here at Origin Code Academy will be one that I will deeply miss and never forget. The connections and knowledge I gained from this boot camp is invaluable . I would take the class again in a heartbeat!

Our final hooray as Origin students was our graduation meet-up. Jeff had invited employers, programmers, future students, and family to come to our project demo. I was pretty bummed I had to show off an unfinished project, but at least I had a nice wire frame and some of it completed to show them. It went great, everyone’s presentations  went extremely well. I was proud of us all going up there and talking about our final projects. It is amazing to hear us all talk now when 3 months ago we all knew nothing compared to what we know now! Cameron taught us all so well.

It’s sad to say good-bye to everyone but there are bigger and better things ahead. Over the holidays I want to work on Quack and try to get it closer to a finished product. I’ll continue to update my blog on the upcoming job search. Feel free to post comments or questions about my journey at Origin Code Academy. Thanks for reading along, hopefully you found this blog useful!