Security Beat Down

This week has been a security beat down for me. The last full week here at Origin flew by in a blink of an eye and I feel like I have made very little progress with my Quack application. Authentication is taking me a lot longer than I had ever expected. After thinking I was finished with authentication last week learning I wasn’t very close was pretty demoralizing. I need to connect the back end and get everything set up on Azure. That will take a lot of time and it isn’t leaving me with very much to finish the UI.

The front end still needs a lot of love. I have a decent portion of it finished but there is still a good amount of design work that needs to be done. Another thing worrying me with how little time I have is how many angular controllers I have to build. Security has sucked up so much of my time with research, trial/error, and breaks to beat my head against the wall, that it has left me with about 3 days to work with the front end.

I am going to keep this blog post short, mostly nothing has changed on my project other than some authentication things. I really am just crunched for time and need to continue to focus on my final project. I have to be ready to demo Quack next week and that deadline is fast approaching.

One more AMAZING thing happened this week that I just can’t leave out. Jeff, one of the students at Origin, was hired this week! He had been interviewing the last few weeks and told us today

that he was officially employed! Not only did Jeff get a job, he now has a 6 figure job of his dreams! I can’t say enough about Origin. You learn so much here in such a short amount of time it is incredible.

Sorry for the hastily thrown together blog post this week. There is just so much to do in so little time! Check back to see how the Demo Day at Origin code academy goes! Three more days until graduation. Seems unreal!