Application Quack – Building the app

After a great holiday break, we are back at it. Quack is going to pretty much consume the rest of class time for me, but I am excited about that! I started off the project thinking about my database structure. This takes a lot of time to plan out and get correct. I then used a great tool called to sketch out my database structure.  Once I had it the way I wanted, I used code first entity framework to build my database. This took me a day or two to figure out. I was struggling mapping with the code first approach. I sat down with Cameron for a good hour or two and he helped me work through the issues I was having.

I spent the rest of the week building out the back end of Quack. It was starting to shape up when Cameron mentioned he would like to be able to log in using Google+ (RIP) or Facebook login. Authentication is already a struggle so learning how to do this was going to be difficult. Most of my time was spent on the internet researching oAuth and following tutorials. I finally asked Cameron for help and I am glad I did. There are so many moving parts with oAuth it got really confusing really fast. After about two and a half days of wrestling with authentication, I think it’s ready. I need to test it still but I can’t do that yet because I need to host my application somewhere other than localhost.

I felt like I made some pretty good progress on Quack and decided to write a resume this week as well. I have been putting this off for a long time and I felt like now is a better time than ever to start writing one. I researched a lot of developer resumes and decided on a layout that I really liked. It took a solid day to get it filled out with just the right information, or at least so I think! I need to start getting serious about the job search considering we only have one more week of class. That is extremely hard to believe and depressing. I want to learn even more!

That is this week in a nutshell. I feel like I got a decent amount of work done, and I am looking forward to tackling our last full week of class. So check back next week for the final full week. I will hopefully be finishing up Quack and getting ready for the job hunt. I am extremely nervous for what’s ahead, it should be exciting!