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Niemerg’s opened September 1, 1978 under the leadership of two 23 year old kids.  High school classmates who learned as they grew, worked countless hours and are still leading us today.  We started with a staff of about 20 people in 1978 and are proud to now be a team that includes 175 members.  We have multiple members of our team who have been with us over 35 years and have a number of staff that are the 3rd generation of their families to work with us here at Niemerg’s.

Niemergs is proud to be a locally owned, independent restaurant that has served over thirty million customers over the past 40 years.  They  are honored to be able to support their local community in a number of different ways and are appreciative of the support the community has shown them in return.  They promise to continue what has worked in the past and will continue to grow with the needs of the customer in the future.


Niemergs Steakhouse


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Niemergs has been a staple restaurant in the community I grew up in so it was an honor to be able to build their new website. I worked with Andrew Evens, ITMG Graphic Designer, and with him was able to develop a site that stayed true to what Niemergs is all about.

The client wanted a way for customers to check the area for catering availability. Depending where the customer is located, the pricing of the catering menu will adjust. Let us know how we did for Niemergs new site.